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Laredo Wedding


Laredo Wedding

Situated on the north bank of the Rio Grande, Laredo is a picturesque town with a rich Spanish influence. The city features stunning Mexican, American, and Spanish Colonial architecture, as well as a bustling nightlife – especially along the Strip (located off of Del Mar Boulevard). Laredo brides have many different options regarding vendors and venues.  As you begin planning your Laredo wedding, take the following points into consideration.

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Photo by Anahi Navarro Photography via Bridal Trends Weddings


Laredo Wedding Planning: Weather Considerations

Some locals like to say that Laredo experiences one season, and that’s ‘hot.’ During June, July, and August, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to soar above 100 degrees, making an outdoor wedding impossible. With high humidity, the cake, food, and intricate hairstyles would suffer tremendously.  However, brides who will be saying their vows from November to March may be able to create a beautiful outdoor ceremony, as long as an emergency plan was ready in case of rain.


Laredo Wedding Planning: The Local Calendar

As you consider the time of year your wedding will take place, take a gander at a city calendar of events.  You may want to avoid major festivals and tourist season, because hotel prices rise significantly, as well as some vendor fees. One such festival is Jambooie, held in January, and is similar to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras. Flamboyant costumes, beads, and parades block city streets and will create an obstacle for the January Laredo bride.


Laredo Wedding Planning: Bridal Shows

One important thing you can do to gain a lot of inspiration and meet local vendors face-to-face,  is attend Laredo bridal shows.  Wedding vendors from all over the city attend these events to show off their latest styles and trends. There are, oftentimes, fabulous prizes to be won at these events. It’s your chance to collect information and free giveaways, and perhaps find a wedding dress designer or cake bakery that you simply can’t live without.

Photos by Anahi Navarro Photography via Bridal Trends Weddings

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:12 am
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