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Laredo Wedding Catering


Laredo Wedding Catering

There is an abundance of wedding catering options – from the modern candy buffets or dessert bars to the more traditional seated dinners.  The time of day, theme, and your budget will have a lot to do with your final choice. Scheduling a meeting with one or two of the popular Laredo wedding catering companies below can help you create a menu that is practical and impressive.


Laredo Wedding Catering Company: Palenque Grill

Palenque Grill is the spice and flavor that will take your wedding menu from cold to caliente! Appetizers include quesadillas and oysters in the shell, followed by entrees like rib eye prime ranchero and Palenque ribs. Dessert options include tres leches cake and flan with caramel.  Drop by the restaurant on Bob Bullock Loop to discuss specifics with a staff member.


Additional Laredo Wedding Catering Companies:

  • Madrigal’s Catering on Victoria Street

  • Market Barbecue on McPherson Street

  • Limasol International Cuisine on West Village Boulevard


Laredo Wedding Catering: Exploring the Options

Determining what to serve can be as simple as thinking about the time of day your wedding will take place.  If you’re having a morning reception, a breakfast buffet is a wonderful idea.  Hot lunch buffets can provide plenty of delicious food from 11am until 1pm, and after lunch menu choices can include candy buffets, heavy hors d’oeuvres, or cocktails. Seated dinner menus are best from 4pm until 6pm, and after that, dessert bars will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.


Laredo Wedding Catering: Helpful Budgeting Tips

When you have to order extra food to plan for uninvited guests, and plenty to make sure everyone gets their fill, staying within budget can be hard. One thing you can do is use smaller plates for buffets, because larger plates are typically filled even if the food isn’t eaten. Tables can be stocked with ‘snack’ foods in decorative containers – like chocolate covered fruits or cracker and cheese appetizers. In addition, opting for the less expensive dishes will allow you to purchase more than if you go for the highest-priced foods.


Palenque Grill


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