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Louisville Wedding

Every bride embarks on a journey filled with strategies, tastings, fittings, measurements, samples and discovery when she begins planning a wedding.  Watching all the little details come together to create a glorious day is worth it, but you'll need a lot of help along the way.  When you're planning a Louisville wedding, there are a few things you'll want to consider in the beginning phases of the planning process.


Planning a Louisville Wedding: Weather Considerations

If you're planning an outdoor wedding, you should know that May is the month most likely to bring showers and thunderstorms, so have a backup plan waiting in the wings. With mild weather during the summer, June and July are great for outdoor weddings, but you may be faced with higher prices since these are the most popular wedding months.  For brides who'd prefer to say their vows indoors, there are a number of fabulous venues to serve you. 


Planning a Louisville Wedding: Avoiding the Crowds

By avoiding booking your wedding too close to large Louisville events, you can save money.  Each year, the Kentucky Derby Festival takes place (usually in April) and features more than 100 different shows and events. An estimated 1.5 million people attend from all over the country, booking up the hotel rooms and driving prices through the roof. For instance, half a million people gather at the Louisville lakefront for the 28-minute 'Thunder Over Louisville' firework show.  Booking your wedding during Louisville's 'off season' can save you a lot of money.


Planning a Destination Louisville Wedding

Stop by the Louisville Visitors Center at Third and Market streets to receive a free tip packet for visitors.  With maps of the city and locations of popular vendors, this information can be very helpful. Become familiar with the city and assemble a packet containing maps, hotel, transportation, and local attraction information for your out-of-town guests.



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