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Lubbock Wedding Favors


Lubbock Wedding Favors

When couples shop for wedding favors in Lubbock, they are greeted by a variety of possibilities. Some ideas are meant to be devoured within days, such as gourmet chocolates you can't resist tasting before you get home. Others are designed to last a lifetime, like engraved paperweights bearing the name of bride and groom. Whatever approach you choose in the end, it's suggested to aim for wedding favor ideas that reflect your personality or theme without exceeding your estimated budget.


Lubbock Wedding Favors: Custom Cookies

When you're looking for a satisfying treat to fill decorative or personalized favor boxes, you can't go wrong with cookies. In Lubbock, you will find the Great American Cookie Co., which carries an assortment of cookies and brownies that make delightful wedding favors. Cookies By Design is also known for producing wedding-related cookies in the shape of cakes, wedding dresses and bouquets of roses. In Lubbock, one of their stores is located at 3310 82nd Street.


Lubbock Wedding Favors: Gourmet Chocolate and Coffee


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What a sweet sendoff for guests when they peek into a favor box to find delicious, gourmet chocolates. If you're looking for a local business known for supplying tasty treats, consider Otto's Granary, which is packed with special occasion chocolates and other sweets. The store carries Godiva chocolates, bulk and gift boxes, chocolate keepsake bars, as well as two ounce packages of Godiva coffees.


Unique Lubbock Wedding Favors

Since Lubbock is home to Texas Tech University, it's no surprise that alumni plan their wedding colors and themes around their alma mater. Scarlet and black color schemes are not unheard of and actually make a great starting point for the wrapping, packaging and embellishments of Lubbock wedding favors. Head to the local crafts shop to pick up the appropriately colored ribbon, tulle or organza bags.


Great American Cookie Co.

Cookies By Design

Otto's Granary

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