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Madison Wedding Cakes


Madison Wedding Cakes

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A wedding cake can say as much about a bride and groom’s personality as their wedding music, or the place they choose to say their vows at. Today’s wedding cakes are available in a huge variety of flavors, fillings, styles and colors.  While this sounds as if it would make it easier to find a cake that best suits you, sometimes it can be difficult to choose, with all the delicious options.  Look through magazines, online galleries, and local portfolios to find the cake style that speaks loudest to you.


Madison Wedding Cakes Resource: Chris’s Confections

If you’re a bride who likes her options, Chris’s Confections certainly has a lot. Will you choose an oval wedding cake or a heart one? Will you opt for strawberry, turtle, or chocolate ganache filling? Does hazelnut chocolate or tropical orange sound more like a cake flavor you’d choose? If it all seems a little overwhelming, opt for a popular combination like the Kahlua chocolate and raspberry cake or the white almond, poppyseed, and raspberry cake. Also, choose from smooth buttercream or immaculate fondant creations.  Visit Chris’s Confections on Rustic Way in McFarland – just seventeen minutes from Madison.


Madison Wedding Cakes Resource: Clasen’s European Bakery

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the type of wedding cake you want, as Clasen’s has numerous books for you to browse through – as well as a knowledgeable, friendly staff.  All cakes are made from the freshest ingredients and you can choose from embellishments made with marzipan, like carefully sculpted roses. A variety of fillings and flavors are available to make your wedding cake perfect for you and your guests. You’ll find the bakery on Donna Drive in Middleton, about thirteen minutes from Madison.


Madison Wedding Cakes: Tips and Ideas 

Since most of the favorite local bakeries are scattered throughout the towns surrounding Madison, be sure to ask about delivery before ordering.  Many are just minutes away from the heart of Madison, so it shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  In addition, schedule tastings before ordering your cake, to be sure the flavor is just right for you and your groom.


Chris’s Confections

Clasen’s European Bakery

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:24 am
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