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Madison Wedding Favors


Madison Wedding Favors

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What do you imagine as the perfect wedding favors for your guests? Will it be scrumptious chocolates with fancy designs, something you’ve created yourself, or a memento they’ll treasure forever? As you begin considering Madison wedding favors, it’s advisable to visit shops and browse through their selections to gain inspiration and ideas.  To get you started, a few local favorites include:


Madison Wedding Favors Resource: James J. Chocolate Shop

This gourmet chocolate shop in Madison has more delectable treats than you can shake a stick at. Choose from favors that feature one, two, three, four, or six pieces of mouth-watering chocolate. Mint melt-a-ways, dark chocolate truffles, and other assorted chocolates are just a few examples of the available favors. Try the gift box for one, featuring a delicious chocolate and wrapped in a beautiful bow ($1.50).  Visit the James J. Chocolate Shop on Monroe Street in Madison.


Madison Wedding Favors Resource: Sue’s Hallmark

Hallmark is synonymous with sentimental and sweet gifts; Sue’s Hallmark in Madison is a wonderful place to find touching gifts that would make remarkable wedding favors. Yankee Candles, Jelly Belly candy, and Heartwood Creek figurines are just a few of the examples of wedding favors that can be purchased here. Visit Sue’s Hallmark in Fitchburg – just half an hour from Madison.


Madison Wedding Favors Resource: Country Lane Bakery

Create gorgeous favors with the goodies from Country Lane Bakery and your own personalized gift boxes. Some ideas include homemade jams and jellies that your guests will delight in, cookies, and much more.  Browse the available selection in Brodhead – just an hour from Madison.


DIY Madison Wedding Favors

If you’re a crafty bride, visit local art shops to get some great inspiration and ideas. Many craft stores also sell DIY wedding favor kits that take no time to set up and use. Personalized and handmade gifts are growing in popularity, and giving your guests something you created with your own two hands is a very sentimental gesture.


James J. Chocolate Shop

Sue’s Hallmark

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