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Memphis Wedding Rings


Memphis Wedding Rings

Purchasing your wedding rings is not like shopping for any other kind of jewelry.  You're choosing the bands that will signify your never-ending love for one another, which will symbolize your commitment to be everything you can to someone else.  That's a hefty job for a ring to do, but there are some fabulous Memphis wedding ring designers and boutiques ready to step up and help you find rings that will fit the bill.


Memphis Wedding Rings Resource: James Gattas Jewelers

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For couples that want the option of creating wedding bands that are completely unique and that fit well with their personality, Gattas Jewelers is a wonderful choice.  You can customize wedding rings in gold, white gold, two-tone gold, or platinum.  Customizable parts include the style of the band, the metal of the band and the width of the band.  Brides and grooms can create matching or inverted rings to symbolize how well they fit together. Rings are priced as low as $100 and accommodate every budget.


Memphis Wedding Rings Resource: Robert Irwin Jewelers

Robert Irwin Jewelers has exquisite matching wedding bands, wraps and guards, as well as beautiful engagement rings if you haven't chosen one already. They feature gorgeous eternity bands, with diamonds embedded around the band, as well as unique criss-crossed and braided bands.  It's easy for a bride and groom to find rings that fit their budget, and Robert Irwin has been a trusted name in Memphis for more than 30 years.

Tips for Choosing Your Memphis Wedding Rings

Non-traditional couples have a lot of options when it comes to wedding rings.  From tattooed wedding bands to pierced ring fingers and even eco-friendly wedding rings – you're certainly not limited to the conventional golden band.  Couples should consider their personalities, individual styles and desires before purchasing wedding rings.  Let your heart be your guide.  After all, it has done a pretty good job so far, hasn't it?


James Gattas Jewelers

Robert Irwin Jewelers

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:53 pm
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