Mesa Wedding Florist


Mesa Wedding Florist

From the floral arrangements at your reception to your centerpieces and even your bouquet – flowers will play a large role in your ceremony, photos, and reception. It’s important to select flowers that mean something to you and go well with your theme and wedding décor.  Enlisting the help of a Mesa wedding florist is essential, and there are several that are ready to stand up to the challenge.

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Mesa Wedding Florist: Watson’s Flowers

From a simple bunch of fresh tulips to an elaborately designed bridal bouquet, Watson’s Flowers can provide you with striking flowers that fit your budget and overall requirements. A sample of the beautiful arrangements include the Garden Splendor arrangement, featuring daisies, velvety carnations, beautiful lilies and greenery in a quaint basket – perfect for a spring wedding.  Watson’s Flowers is located on West Main Street, where you can meet with the friendly and knowledgeable staff.


Mesa Wedding Florist: Razzle Dazzle Flowers & Gifts

Razzle Dazzle makes it super easy to choose flowers that go well with your wedding colors. From salmon-colored to pale green – they can create custom bouquets and centerpieces that will perfectly accent your wedding décor. Featuring fabulous arrangements for the ceremony paired with matching boutonnières and bouquets, it’s easy to visualize how the flowers will work with your planned theme.  You’ll find Razzle Dazzle on East Main Street.

Hiring a Mesa Wedding Florist: Moneysaving Tips

Choose flowers that are in-season and that grow locally to save money.  To stay within budget, let your florist know precisely how much you can spend on flowers. Finally, get all the terms and deliverables in writing so you don’t end up paying more in hidden fees later.  Bring swatches from the bridesmaid dresses and other important color elements with you when you consult with your florist.


Watson’s Flowers

Razzle Dazzle Flowers & Gifts

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