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Milwaukee Wedding Favors


Milwaukee Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one of the smaller details that really make a wonderful impression on your guests. From small mementos to delicious edible items, the possibilities are endless.  Any gift or sweet treat can become a favor that will delight guests, and there are a number of Milwaukee wedding favors resources to be found.  Browse through a few interesting selections to get your creative juices flowing.


Milwaukee Wedding Favors: Freese's Candy<img src="image.jpg" alt="Milwaukee Wedding Favors" />

Luscious dark chocolate and rich milk chocolate are the stars of the show at Freese's candy.  Handmade treats include gems like Turtle chocolates and delicious chocolate-covered cherries made from Freese's own recipe.  These are sure to be favors your guests will love at Freese’s.  Available in 1-pound, 2-pound, 3-pound or 5-pound boxes, these can easily be transferred to your coordinating favor packages or boxes. It's worth a drive to Greenfield Avenue in West Allis to get your hands on these yummy treats!


Milwaukee Wedding Favors: Stein Gardens and Gifts

For a spring or summer-themed Milwaukee wedding, what could be more perfect than something your guests can grow and enjoy for months?  Spring flower bulbs like Dahlias, Caladiums or Calla Lilies can be wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon, or placed in a box with a picture of the gorgeous blossoms on the outside.  Asiatic lilies will burst open in tropical shades that add beauty to wherever your guests plant them, while Dancing Dolls cascade down a vine in velvety shades of pink and magenta. The Milwaukee store is located on South 27th Street, across from the Northwest Fashion Square shopping center.


Milwaukee Wedding Favors: Soaps & Scents

Bath oils, potpourri, perfume oils and other aromatherapy items can be purchased at Soaps & Scents on North Mayfair Road.  Wrap scented candles in clear plastic and tie with a ribbon, or create DIY sachets that your bridesmaids can hang in their closet to scent all of their clothes.  There are a number of delightful items that would make perfect favors at Soaps & Scents.


Freese's Candy

Stein Gardens and Gifts

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