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Oakland Wedding Favors


Oakland Wedding Favors

From fortune cookies to charm bracelets, you can personalize nearly anything nowadays, which opens the door to a wealth of keepsake ideas for wedding favors. Simple gestures may include a CD of love songs from the reception playlist to elaborately designed chocolate treats that bear the name of bride and groom. There's also the wonderful world of DIY wedding favors that adds an extra special touch. To get your mind tinkering in the right direction towards new and inventive wedding favors in Oakland, consider the following businesses:


Oakland Wedding Favors Resource: Le Bonbon

Situated in the Montclair district of Oakland, Le Bonbon is a confection boutique specializing in fine Belgian chocolates and other sweet treats – perfect for filling wedding favor boxes. Offering a European flair, the shop provides a self-service "Wall of Candies" that includes jellybeans, gummy candy, sour fishes, and other small sweets.


Oakland Wedding Favors Resource: Charles Chocolates

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If you're looking for a shop that offers personalized, custom chocolates, Charles Chocolates provides a fresh selection of artisan sweets packaged in their signature blue box. Decorate chocolates with the name of the bride and groom or choose an image, such as your engagement portrait. With Fleur de Sel Caramels, chocolate bars, and Mini Chocolate Squares, you may choose from an assortment of sweets for your personalized wedding favors.


Oakland Wedding Favors Resource: Fornia Fortune Cookies

Not all fortune cookies need to deliver a fortune, they can simply pay homage to the name of bride and groom, and the significant details of their wedding. Have Fornia place the date and place of your nuptials in fortune cookies to send family and friends home with after your special day has come to a close. 


Oakland Wedding Favors Resource: The Nutty Cookie

With more than twenty cookie varieties for your gift-giving pleasure, package treats from the Nutty Cookie in decorative

favor boxes. A few flavors to consider include Mudslide (dark chocolate cookie with walnuts), Dipped Chocolate Macaron (half dipped in chocolate with shredded coconut), and Pistachio-Orange Biscotti for coffee lovers. 


Charles Chocolates

Fornia Fortune Cookies

The Nutty Cookie




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