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Getting married in Omaha, Nebraska means dealing with the number one "Best Bang-For-The Buck City" – as named by Forbes magazine in 2009. As you begin to plan a wedding in Omaha, keep in mind there are decisions to make and factors to consider. The first is deciding the "who, what, and where" of perhaps the most important event of your life. The second involves the weather, as the city experiences its fair share of natural disasters involving wind and water.


Planning an Omaha Wedding: Highlights of the City

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The Desert Dome

The cultural heartbeat of Omaha is found in a host of performance venues, museums, and a music scene that includes the noteworthy jazz history of North Omaha. When planning your wedding in Omaha, don’t forget to take a trip to the Old Market – a major historic district located Downtown, which happens to be on the National Register of Historical Places. Today, a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and art galleries can provide inspiration for your wedding.

Other highlights of Omaha, Nebraska include the Omaha Botanical Gardens (with 100 acres of delightful landscaping), Henry Doorly Zoo (home of the largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor swamp in the world), and the art collections at the Joslyn Art Museum (which includes the tiled Fountain Court).


Planning an Omaha Wedding: Weather and Tourist Watch

The large bodies of water and the mountain ranges play a role in the changes in Omaha weather, which is best described as a humid continental climate. Basically, the summers are hot and the winters are cold. Expect an average high of 88 degrees for the month of July with moderate humidity that contributes to frequent thunderstorms. It's suggested to proceed with caution when planning a summer wedding in Omaha because severe weather conditions could be lurking just around the corner. 


Omaha Wedding Tips and Ideas

Throughout the year, a wealth of cultural festivals are held in Omaha, but the major event in the city that attracts a great number of tourists is the College World Series. During this time, expect increased hotel rates, vendor prices, and reception fees.

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