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Phoenix Wedding Reception


Phoenix Wedding Reception

You want your Phoenix wedding reception to be fantastic – full of laughter, tears of joy, well-wishes, and great memories.  There are a lot of little details to pull together to ensure that your reception comes together beautifully.  Knowing where to find just what you need in Phoenix for your reception will help you accomplish your goals with ease.


Phoenix Wedding Reception: The Wedding Locale

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The Boojum Tree

Many times, you can host the reception in the same location as the wedding ceremony.  For instance, if you’ve decided to have the ceremony in a beautiful historic home, the reception might take place in the adjacent gardens.  Or, if a beautiful hotel is providing your wedding ceremony space, they may have a banquet hall to fit the reception.  Be sure to check these details when booking space for your ceremony.  However, if you’re getting married in a church, it might be necessary to find another suitable location for your Phoenix wedding reception.


Having a Natural Phoenix Wedding Reception

Exotic tropical plants, trickling water features and stunning backdrops – if this all sounds like the perfect reception location for you, Boojum Tree’s Tropical Garden might be the best venue.  Created by award winning designer Ray Brooks as a beloved pet project, Boojum Tree is a magnificent location for a reception and can accommodate quite a large number of guests.  If you haven’t selected a venue for the ceremony yet, you may want to consider Boojum Tree for both!


Phoenix Wedding Reception: Restaurant Style

Having your wedding reception in a restaurant is a wonderful alternative to catering, and can save you some serious cash.  The Ranch House Restaurant provides a beautiful option for wedding receptions in the form of a private courtyard with gazebo.  You’ll be surrounded by a golf course and your guests will receive delicious dishes from the Ranch House menu.  An added benefit is that you’ll get to utilize the friendly staff available at this restaurant for help with serving and accommodating your guests.


Other Options for a Unique Phoenix Wedding Reception

If you have a family member with a beautiful home in Phoenix, why not host your reception there and simply bring the necessities to you.  Hire a wonderful catering company, DJ and other merchants to help make your reception special!  Considering your theme, budget and your own personal style will help you to make your final decision.


Boojum Tree’s Tropical Garden

The Ranch House Restaurant

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