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Planning an Indianapolis Wedding


Indianapolis Wedding

As the largest city and capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is best known for providing the fastest thrills and an entertaining collection of sports-related attractions. From enjoying the wonderment of tropical gardens in the Hilbert Conservatory to exploring the Western history and art at the Eiteljorg Museum, the city certainly offers a wealth of ideas for couples planning a wedding in Indianapolis.


Planning an Indianapolis Wedding: Highlights of the City

One of the most famous racing events in the world is held in Indianapolis, the Indy 500, which makes legends out of racecar drivers. This esteemed sporting event takes place at the equally well-known Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's not unheard of to see couples sketch out their wedding plans to incorporate the theme or Speedway. Other highlights of Indianapolis include Conner Prairie, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, White River State Park, and the 4,000 animals calling the Indianapolis Zoo their home.


Planning an Indianapolis Wedding: Weather Watch

When planning an Indianapolis wedding, climate and weather conditions will play a role. As a city in the Midwest, there are four distinct seasons. The summertime is hot and humid with temperatures that reach a high of 90 degrees. On some days, a sweltering 95 degrees can put a damper on outdoor weddings. Pleasant weather dominates spring and autumn. Cool to cold days are found in the wintertime. To avoid a wet wedding, keep in mind that the rainiest days are found in the spring and summer, where May and July are notorious for thunderstorms.

Indianapolis Wedding Planning Tip

Since the city plays host to a variety of conventions and sporting events, smart wedding planners will take notice of the annual events that tend to cause crowded hotels and elevated prices. For instance, try to avoid setting a wedding date close to the Indy 500. Other popular events in Indianapolis include the Brickyard 400, the three-day long Indy Jazz Fest, as well as the men and women's NCAA basketball tournaments.


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