Plaster Monogram Project


Photos and Project Styling by Victoria Hudgins

Make a plaster monogram for your wedding day while creating a piece of modern décor that you can add to your mantle or wall after the big day. For your wedding, use the monogram to mark the sweetheart table, or affix them to the doors of your venue. They'll also look chic and pretty set up on a ledge alongside your guest book and a pretty arrangement of flowers. You could also make a miniature version for escort cards. The sky is the limit!

To make the plaster monograms:

Step One. Purchase a box of Plaster of Paris at your local home improvement store (craft stores sell it also, but it is cheaper at the Home Depot).


Step Two. Purchase craft letters, and cut off the top layer to reveal the insides. Remove any filling and you have the perfect mold.

Step Three. Mix the plaster according to package directions. It will tell you that you have 10 minutes to let it dry... They are not kidding. Only mix what you have the immediate ability to use or you will lose it.

Step Four. Pour plaster into your mold and let dry for about ten hours. 

Step Five. Remove the plaster letter from your mold, it should just peel right off for you.  Then let it dry for a full 24 hours to set firmly in place.

How awesome does it look as part of a mantle installation?!

Happy plastering!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:25 pm
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