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Reno Wedding


Reno Wedding

Whether you’re a resident of the ‘biggest little city in the world’ or you’re simply drawn to the glittering lights and the rich history, a Reno wedding is sure to be a spectacular event.  With numerous venues and vendors waiting to take your ideas and whip them into a gorgeous celebration, the planning process shouldn’t be too difficult.  Spend some time considering theme options and your budget.

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Photo by Hollye Schumacher Photography via Once Upon A Time Events


Reno Wedding Planning: Weather Considerations

While Reno certainly gets less than its fair share of rain, an outdoor wedding usually isn’t practical. During the summer months, when the temperatures are right for an outdoor wedding, the heat and relentless wind can make an outdoor wedding quickly turn into a dusty mess.  However, there are numerous indoor wedding venues that are gorgeous and can provide you with everything you need for a spectacular Reno wedding and reception.


Reno Wedding Planning: Events and Tourism

If you don’t pay special attention to your wedding date and the activities happening in Reno during that time, you could end up over-paying your vendors and finding that all the hotels in the area are booked to capacity.  Events that draw large crowds include Hot August Nights (a classic car convention) and The Great Reno Balloon Race (held in September and drawing nearly 150,000 visitors). Check local event calendars before determining what month your Reno wedding will take place in.


Reno Wedding Planning: Bridal Shows

Brides can certainly get farther in their planning by finding particular designers that they adore. Bridal shows are a great way to discover designers, learn about the latest wedding trends, and grab some fun free stuff for your wedding.  Bridal shows are typically held several times a year in Reno, usually in the Reno-Sparks convention center. Premier Bride Showcase and Bridal & Beauty Expo are two of the most popular shows in the area.


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