Santa Ana Wedding Favors


Santa Ana Wedding Favors

Choosing your wedding favors can be a fun part of planning your wedding.  Yummy edible treats, creative and crafty DIY favors, or unique personalized keepsakes are a few possibilities to consider – and there are plenty of Santa Ana vendors and retailers that can help you.  Start your search by browsing the options below.


Edible Santa Ana Wedding Favors

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Personalized cookies, festive candies, and local jams are popular ways to thank your wedding guests.  Homemade goodies are a great idea, and can typically save some money, but there are plenty of places in Santa Ana that can handle the baking for you. 


Santa Ana Wedding Favors Resource: Sweet Factory

Sweet Factory has everything you need to create a fun candy buffet for your wedding guests, at a fraction of the price of a candy caterer.  The Santa Ana location can help you choose the right combination of candies in just the right colors to complement your wedding.  Jellybeans, chocolate, lollipops, organic candy, and many other treats can be creatively displayed.  Sweet Factory also offers containers and favor bags. 


Santa Ana Wedding Favors Idea: Donuts Holes!

Donut holes are a trendy choice for unique edible wedding favors.  If you don’t have time to make your own, check prices for bulk orders at a few local donut shops so that all you need to do is package the yummy bites in personalized containers.  Try The Donut Hole on South Standard Ave. or The Donut Villa on N. Fairview.


Fun Keepsake Santa Ana Wedding Favors

Instead of traditional trinkets, treat your wedding guests to personal photo sessions.  Envy Party Booths offers photo booth rentals with unlimited sessions so your guests can have fun posing and can go home with personalized photo sheets to remember the moment.  Two hour packages start at $799 and can be customized with several upgrades, including photo keychains, scrapbooks, and picture frames. 


DIY Santa Ana Wedding Favors

From handmade soaps and candles to personalized CDs, there are tons of creative wedding favor options for crafty brides.  Pay a visit to Michael’s on S. Bristol St. or The Art Bar in Santa Ana’s historic district for inspiration and supplies. 


Sweet Factory

Envy Party Booths

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