Seattle Wedding Cakes


Seattle Wedding Cakes

From bold and contemporary to traditional and romantic, Seattle wedding cakes boast unique, customized designs and luscious, creative flavors.  Do you want a round wedding cake or modern square tiers?  Maybe you’re considering a unique cupcake tower with an assortment of flavors.  Whatever your wishes, Seattle’s award-winning wedding cake designers can create a masterpiece that tastes as good as it looks! 


Seattle Wedding Cakes Resource: Kelli's Creations

Kelli’s Creations creates gorgeous custom wedding cakes that are as tasty as they are beautiful.  Starting with farm fresh eggs, real cream butter, pure cane sugar, and real vanilla, Kelli’s cakes feature natural fillings and only the best premium Belgian chocolate.  Choose from nearly two-dozen gourmet flavors, like champagne, banana, or apple, and select from an array of fruit, preserves, mousse, and cream fillings.  Top your cake off with ganache, marzipan, or fondant frosting and Kelli will design a look that is unique to your wedding. 


Seattle Wedding Cakes Resource: The People's Cake

The People’s Cake is Seattle’s premier wedding cake specialist.  Featured in Modern Wedding, The Texas Wedding Guide, and numerous other publications, The People’s Cake can create whatever you can imagine.  Flavors include pumpkin chocolate chip, almond, coconut milk, and any other taste your heart desires.  Vegan wedding cake recipes are also available.  Prices start at $6 per serving.


Seattle Wedding Cakes Resource: <img src="image.jpg" alt="Seattle Wedding Cakes" />Bakery Nouveau

Bakery Nouveau is an award-winning Seattle wedding cake designer and custom confectioner.  Bakery Nouveau’s designers will help you choose the perfect combination of flavors, fillings, and frostings before turning your ideas into a beautiful, unique masterpiece.  Besides traditional wedding cakes, this Seattle bakery also offers the classic French wedding cake known as Croquembuche, elegant gourmet dessert tables, and tantalizing one-of-a-kind creations like the macaroon tower featured in Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom.


Seattle Wedding Cakes Resource: Madeleine's European Cakes

Madeleine’s European Cakes specializes in custom designed wedding cakes made from fresh, premium ingredients.  All of Madeleine’s cakes begin with a flavored sponge cake.  Personalize the cake with luscious fillings, fresh fruits, syrups, and rich frostings.  Finally, let Madeleine’s adorn your wedding cake with colorful flowers, berries, and other decorative accents to perfectly complement your special day.


Kelli’s Creations

The People’s Cake

Bakery Nouveau

Madeleine’s European Cakes


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