Tampa Wedding Cakes


Tampa Wedding Cakes

Making buttercream dreams come true, many bakeries in Tampa offer creative designs and cutting-edge flavors for wedding cakes. However, the choices could very well make your head spin. The process of selecting your confectionary masterpiece means sampling a variety of cake flavors, frostings, and fillings – just to find the perfect one. From White Chocolate Raspberry toppings to Pina Colada filling, the following Tampa bakeries offer a wide range of wedding cake options:


Tampa Wedding Cakes Resource: Housewife Bake Shop

This family owned and operated bakery has been specializing in Italian sweet treats since 1959. When ordering a wedding cake, remember that each tier can be customized to highlight a unique combination of flavors and fillings. A couple of cake flavors include orange, strawberry, marble, and lemon. Inside, select from the likes of pineapple, cherry, key lime, or Bavarian cream to melt from the center.


Tampa Wedding Cakes Resource: Let Them Eat Cake

From elegant wedding cakes to humorous confections, Chef Michael's bakery, Let Them Eat Cake, has been producing edible masterpieces since 1991. Known for transforming pastry dough and chocolate into stunning sculptures, Chef Michael has provided delicious creations for many celebrities, executives, and wedding couples.


Additional Tampa Wedding Cakes Resources:

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 Kalupa's Bakery

Offers decorative works of art for wedding cakes.

A Piece of Cake

Creates stunning wedding cakes with pillars.  Photo at right by A Piece of Cake.

Cakes Plus

Has a large selection of wedding cake toppers.

Chocolate Pi Cakery

Cake flavors include Citron Trio, The Big Guava, and Key Lime Strawberry.


Tampa Wedding Cakes for Smaller Affairs 

If you're looking for a cake that won't burn a hole in your pocket, consider the selection at Wrights Gourmet. Here, a sheet of their Hawaiian Princess Cake (coconut cake with a rich filling of coconut and pineapple, and covered with cream cheese frosting) costs $75 and serves between 48 to 96 people. Other cake flavors include Carrot, Chocolate, and Red Velvet. Weddings set in November and December may enjoy the seasonal delights of Peppermint Chocolate and Pumpkin cake flavors.


Housewife Bake Shop http://www.housewifebakeshop.com/

Let Them Eat Cake http://chocolateismycrayon.com/

Kalupa's Bakery http://kalupasbakery.com/

Chocolate Pi Cakery http://www.chocpi.com

A Piece of Cake http://www.cakestampa.com

Cakes Plus http://www.cakesplustampa.com

Wrights Gourmet http://www.wrightsgourmet.com

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