Washington Wedding Cakes


Washington Wedding Cakes

Isn’t it funny that one of the first activities you do together as man and wife is slice into a wedding cake – one that oftentimes looks too pretty or elegant to demolish? When it comes to wedding cakes in Washington, you want to make sure that the flavors and fillings inside taste just as good as they look. This means attending a few tastings to find just the right cake combination and baker before making a final decision.

Prepare for your wedding cake hunt by jotting down a few ideas, settling on a theme, and sorting out desired colors so that your magical confection will keep in line with the rest of your wedding details. A few bakeries in Washington that make wedding cakes include:


Washington Wedding Cakes Resource: Sticky Fingers Bakery<img src="image.jpg" alt="Washington Wedding Cakes" />

Some couples have special dietary needs that they fret won't be met with most of the bakeries in Washington, DC. However, Sticky Fingers Bakery specializes in providing cakes for the health-conscious, as well as for people with dietary restrictions. If you are allergic to dairy or wish to avoid eggs, the bakery accommodates a range of vegan and allergy requests.

Couples looking to avoid complicated cake-purchasing often choose a Sweet Simplicity cake (vanilla or chocolate cake frosted in vanilla buttercream) for $4.75 per person. Fruit-filled selections start at $5.50 per person, offering raspberry, strawberry, and lemon. Other specialty cakes include fudge-topped and nut-layered cakes.


Washington Wedding Cakes Resource: Heller's Bakery

As one of the most respected bakeries in Washington D.C., Heller's has been a fixture in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood since 1922 and is recognized as one of the oldest bakeries in the city. A traditional 16" wedding cake that serves 100 guests costs around $245, but there are other cake selections for couples on a budget to consider. Arranged into different categories, don’t forget to browse plain cake with icing (Category A), two layer tres leches with fruit, Charlotte Russe, or St. Honore (Category E), where a full cake that serves about sixty to seventy people costs around $140.


Washington Wedding Cakes Resource: Cake Love

There's more than one location in Washington D.C. to browse the creativity and feel the vibe of CakeLove: Ustreet and Love Café. However, if you want to order a wedding cake, head over to the 1506 U Street store. Prices range from $5.25 per person for a chocolate or vanilla cake with buttercream frosting to $7.00 per person for specialty cakes, such as Toffee Crunch. Order online and receive 5% off of your order.


Sticky Fingers Bakery

Heller's Bakery

Cake Love

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