Washington Wedding Rings


Washington Wedding Rings

From yellow gold bands to the gleam of platinum, wedding rings in Washington may represent the simplicity of true love or an elaborate display of devotion. With all of the many selections found in the city, it's easy to question where to start. Some couples skip browsing jewelers in Washington and decide to design their own work of art. From classic gem collections to personalization services, consider the following jewelers in Washington D.C.:


Washington Wedding Rings Resource: Chas Schwatz & Sons

Couples come to Chas Schwatz & Sons not only because they've been a Washington D.C. jeweler for 120 years, but also because they offer professional services with a strong reputation. It is here that you can work with the jewelers to create a customized masterpiece or simply browse their collections of wedding rings that include fine designers and estate gems. Bridal rings hailing from vintage periods, including Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian designs, are favorites from Chas Schwatz & Sons.


Washington Wedding Rings Resource: Tiny Jewelry Box Inc.

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A few wedding ring designers to look forward to when paying a visit to the Tiny Jewelry Box Inc. include Alex Sepkus, a Lithuania native who brings a different perspective to finely carved rings, and Christian Bauer, who focuses on clean lines and innovative design. The unique Tree of Life logo is found inside every one of the rings in the Bauer Collection. Besides offering an exquisite collection of wedding rings, brides may select from an assortment of breathtaking jewels (like diamond encrusted necklaces) to wear as they saunter down the aisle.


Washington Wedding Rings Resource: Boone & Sons Jewelers

Boone & Sons is a full service jeweler that offers the professional services of a master craftsman and graduate gemologist, both ready to help you select the wedding ring of your dreams. If you're looking for a more personalized design, the jeweler will guide you through creating a custom ring, available in both gold and platinum settings. A couple of wedding ring options to browse in the store include the Shared Prong Diamond Band, Gent's Platinum Ribbed Band in 18k yellow gold, and the Channel Set Eternity Band. While Boone and Sons Jewelers is found in other regional locations, the Washington D.C. store is located on 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW.


Chas Schwatz & Sons

Tiny Jewelry Box Inc.

Boone & Sons Jewelers

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