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Wedding Dresses by the Decade


The current trend in vintage style brings a timeless quality to the necklines, silhouettes, and  embellishments of days past.  In fact, renowned fashion stylist and creative director of The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, Charlie Brear, has created a collection that celebrates the Decades in a most elegant way. Charlie's inspiration for each of the six dresses came from her years of sourcing vintage wedding dress styles and combining her favorite fashion intricacies of each decade- from the 1920's through the 1970's.


           The 1920's

With the 1920's came a pinnacle point in history, when overly formal garments were cast aside and fashion entered the modern front.  The relaxed construction, low-slung waist, and plunging neckline of this gown is a sophisticated take on the accessible flapper fashion of the decade.  A headband worn on the forehead is a simple way to replicate 1920's style, and a chic alternative to traditional headpieces.

The 1930's                       

The decade of the 1930's saw a resurgence in feminine silhouettes and has often been characterized as the decade of glamour.  Gowns made with material cut on the bias created lustrous folds of fabric that draped the body. This gown flatters curves with a high waistband, cross over bodice, and crepe satin fabric cut on the bias in true 1930's fashion.

                             The 1940's

Dominated by World War II, the 1940's most notably emphasized classic styles and creative sleeving in women's fashion.  The clean, fluid lines of this timeless gown feature a charming cowl neckline and lace sleeves.  The end of war-time rationing at the close of the decade gave rise to fuller skirts and the New Look that carried on into the 1950's.

                                                         The 1950's

It was nipped waists and full calf-length skirts abound during the Baby Boom of the 1950's.  The look came from Paris and was almost entirely credited to Christian Dior.  Garments of the decade featured abundance in decorative detailing and luxurious layers of fabric.  But what would a 1950's inspired wedding be without a signature birdcage veil?

                              The 1960's

Formal fashion in the early 1960's was in large part influenced by first lady, Jackie O.  The look was graceful, featuring slim-fitting sleeveless sheaths and opera length gloves.  As the decade progressed and the hippie movement grew,  A-line dresses with organically flowing sleeves, watteau trains, and head wreaths of real flowers epitomized the style of the decade.  This dress captures the timeless, chic 1960's with a boat neck and empire waist.

                              The 1970's

Fashion in the 1970's can best be described as self-expressive and romantic.  Nothing was off-limits; patterned fabrics and the innovative styling of necklines and embellishments gained popularity.  Here, Charlie frames the body with a freely billowing chiffon skirt, perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.


If you're a vintage-inspired bride, what decade speaks most to you?  Infusing your wedding with vintage style not only embodies the fashion of the decade, but can also reflect the ideals of the time.


Note: All dresses featured above are exclusive to the London showroom.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:41 am
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