DIY Wedding Challenge: altar card


This card was placed on my husbands gift. It read "Can't wait to meet you at the altar"

I began with a chocolate brown piece of stardream paper, got a stamp to show an example of both of our silouettes kissing on our wedding day. Embossed the stamp in gold in the center of the stardream paper and had my calligrapher write the verse over our image with our names and date at the bottom

I then pick some small twigs that were able to meet like the manzanitas that our altar was created from. I took small pieces of paper and twisted them to create small orchids and glued them to the tips of the branches.

I then strung crystals onto clear nylon thread and suspended them from the twigs.

I found a 3-d ice cream cone sticker and cut off the ice cream scoop and used only the cone to create little urns. I padded the urns with moss and finished it with a chocolate brown ribbon.

I then placed a very tiny ostrich feather whisp to the side of the brides silouette and affixed it with a swarovski stone to replicate my hair comb I would be wearing the day of our wedding.

I am taking orders to make these altar cards for other brides as well. All I need are a few venue details, your color scheme and the cards are priced at $20.00 ea. I can customized the silouette to your gown, I just require a profile image of the gown when ordering.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:30 pm
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