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DIY Wedding Challenge: Groomsmen gift boxes



I didn't want to give the guys in our wedding a gift with a girly bow on top so I decided to keep it sleek, simple and masculine with leather boxes.

I found these brown leather media storage boxes at Target and place rub on transfer letters around the edge of the lid to include their name, role in the wedding, "thank you" the wedding date and a special phrase or word that my hubby used when speaking to only them. For instance his brother and him always recite quotes from movies to eachother and their all time one liner is "Rule number 1......don't get caught" It's a total joke and I swear they say it 3-5 times to eachother every time they are together so I put "Rule #1" on the side of his brothers box and "pal" on the side of his best friends box. My hubby always calls his friend "pal" and his "pal" always calls him "buddy" idea why or where it began but it's something they both understand between them.

So the guys can keep the boxes and always remember the day without looking overly sentimental...LOL!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:55 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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