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TUTORIAL: Memorial Candles


Materials Needed:

  • Cylinder Vase (1 for each candle you’ll be making)

  • Thick & Thin ribbon (thin ribbon is optional)

  • Vellum Paper

  • Paper Cutter

  • Double Stick Tape

  • Pencil

  • Crystals

  • Pillar Candle / Floating Candles


  1. On WORD or a similar program create your text document of what you would like your candle to say. Be sure to use landscape orientation. Then print out on a piece of regular paper, wrap it around your Cylinder vase and see as to whether your spacing needs to be adapted, etc. Fix what needs to be fixed, and then print out again until you get the right match up.

  2. Once you get your wording to where you like it, print out on the vellum paper. (it’s expensive so try not to waste it) LET DRY.

  3. Cut paper according to the size of your cylinder vase.  To do this, I laid the paper on the table landscape orientation then placed the cylinder vase horizontally on top. Using a pencil I marked where the cut should be done.

  4. Using double stick tape put a strip on either of the short ends of the paper. Adhere one to the cylinder, be sure it is straight, then wrap the paper tightly around the cylinder and press down to adhere the double stick tape on the other end.

  5. Next, using your scissors and ribbons of your choice, cut them according to size.

  6. Place double stick tape around the top and bottom (or one if you’re choosing to do a simpler design). Tape does NOT have to be in a straight perfect line.

  7. Using the ribbon you’d like to be on the bottom, wrap it around on top of the double stick tape. BE SURE to make it STRAIGHT.

  8. Cut tiny strips of double stick tape and place on the thinner ribbon. Then carefully wrap it on top of the thicker ribbon and be sure it’s in the middle.

  9. Then embellish with all the crystals you’d like and you have a beautiful memorial candle!

PS. This can work for any type of candle you’d like to use for you wedding or party! Unity Candle/Sand Ceremony. Table numbers! Etc. Etc.



Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:10 am
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