EASY DIY: Interlocking Script Monogram


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I just made this for my programs albeit it's not perfect. I still need to play around with the sizing but nonetheless I just saved myself some money by doing this and thought I'd pass it along. here goes:

I just made this photo 3045219-1

1. Download (for free)  the Monogram KK font here

2. Here are instructions for downloading (depends on your computer)

3. Next open microsoft word

4. Insert a text box

5. Add your initial using the monogram kk font. I used 250 for the P

6. Look under format and click shape fill and choose no fill. Then click on shape outline and choose no outline. This will make it where you can overlap the letters without blocking out any parts of them. It makes the background of the text box transparent.

7. Do text boxes for your other two initials. I chose 180 for the J and the T

8. Lastly, play around with the size until you get your monogram the way you like it


Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Last Updated: August 8, 2014 at 11:42 pm
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