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How to Get Great Photographs at your Wedding Ceremony


Flower girls during the ceremony processional

Preparation is key to getting great photographs at your wedding ceremony. Follow the tips below to help your photographer get the best photographs possible at your ceremony.

Hold a rehearsal and request the attendance of your photographer(s).If attendance at the wedding rehearsal is not part of the wedding contract, you may have to spend a little more to have your photographer at your rehearsal, but this is money well spent. At the rehearsal, decide on where the officiant, couple and bridal party will stand during the ceremony. Get your photographer's input on this. 

The Processional 
Don't send your entire bridal party down the aisle together. Instruct your coordinator to space apart each of the bridal party members. For example, send the maid of honor, wait until she is close to the altar before sending the next bridesmaid.

Ceremony traditions and special touches 
Many couples incorporate special touches such as lighting a unity candle into the ceremony. In Hawaii, recognizing family members and special guests with flower lei during the ceremony is common. Sometimes the bride and groom present the lei simultaneously. But its better for each to present the lei one at a time.

Couples who have children often include children in the ceremony - by either acknowledging them with a simple hug, giving them a gift or reading a special vow to the child. If you plan to do this, let your photographer know. The more prepared your photographer is, the better shots you will get at the end of the day.

Many couples today choose to write their own vows. This adds a personal touch to the ceremony. It is also something you can include in your wedding photo book. It's okay to cry when reading your vows (remember to wear waterproof mascara and to have a Kleenex handy!) The more emotion you show, the better the pictures.

When putting the ring on the finger, remember not to cover the ring. Slip the ring on from underneath as opposed to over the finger.

The Kiss 
When it is time to kiss the bride, make it last! It's your first kiss as a married couple - take your time and savor the moment. Hug, swing the bride around - follow your heart.

The Recessional 
Couples tend to run down the aisle after the ceremony. This is your moment - enjoy it, walk slowly - there is no hurry. Allow your photographer time to capture your joy.

Two Photographers 
One photographer cannot be in two places at the same time. A solo photographer has to move around a lot to get different angles and this can be distracting during the ceremony. No matter how simple your ceremony, it is a huge advantage to have two photographers. But make sure that the two photographers work together on a regular basis so that they each know which angles to cover. With two photographers you will get double the number of "wow shots," a greater variety of angles and two different perspectives.

By Richard & Shiyana Wainscoat of AinaKai Photography


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:15 am
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