Wedding Photography and Venues in Hawaii


Want beautiful photos of your Hawaii wedding? Select your venue carefully! Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a venue for your wedding in Hawaii. 

Natural light - the more the better!

If your wedding is outdoors, no problem. But ask your photographer about the best time to take your outdoor photographs.

If it's an indoor ceremony and there is little natural light coming in, find out if flash photography is permitted (many Hawaii churches do not permit the use of flashes). Take a tour of the site with your photographer to scout out the best locations for your wedding photos.

Private vs. Public spaces

Beach wedding? Be prepared to have Joe Public in your photos. All beaches in Hawaii are public. You can minimize random people in your photos by scheduling your ceremony on a weekday or early in the morning. Again, speak with your photographer as he or she should be familiar with the less popular beaches on Oahu. Don't forget to ask your officiant to get a beach permit (they presently cost $40 - $20 for the county and $20 for the state permits).

Hotel or resort wedding? Ditto about Joe Public when taking photos in the lobby and other public spaces at the hotel. The Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki is a beautiful venue, but the lobby and lanai (porch) areas can be crowded. Waikiki Beach fronting the Moana and other popular wedding resorts such as the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel and the Hilton Hawaiian Village, is very crowded. Again, try to schedule your wedding at at time when the beach and hotel is not too busy, or arrange to have any beach wedding photos taken at a more secluded beach. Hawaii has lots of beautiful secluded beaches!

Allocate plenty of time for wedding portraits and "must have" shots

Even if you've consulted with your photographer and selected the perfect venue for your wedding, you won't get those beautiful wedding photos unless you allocate plenty of time for photography. Try to allocate at least 40 minutes for your wedding portraits and those must have group shots. The more time you allocate, the more locations you can go to and the more time your photographer will have to get those creative shots. Stay on schedule so you won't eat into your pre or post ceremony photo time.


Submitted by AinaKai Photography (Honolulu, Hawaii)



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