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First and foremost- my wedding is not the only thing I budget on... I am a TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshels, every type of money saving store lover you can imagine. No matter how much money I ever make, I do not see the need to pay full price for things! As for my wedding, I love bling, pink, feathers- obnoxious things. So when starting to plan my blush and champagne colored themed wedding- all I could think of was "I want crystals everywhere!". We typed up a budget from everything from wedding week to honeymoon and realized that serious cuts needed to be made. I have very couture taste, on a farmer's daughter budget. I immediately went to local discount lobby and purchased craft paper and accessories to hand make "will you be my bridesmaid cards". As for the save the dates, we are going to use those as your Xmas cards for this year. This alone has saved us $75 just on stationary! As for the dress- I am purchasing a gown from a preowned wedding site. It is still my dream dress, however instead of paying full price from a high bridal boutique, I am paying a fraction of the cost just because it was worn and professionally cleaned back to its original form :) Decorations were at first a nail biter, because everything BLING is usually expensive. However I managed to swap a deal on craigslist from a like-minded bride who is selling her decor from her wedding a few months ago. Purchased 8 boxes (12 in each box) white votive candles for $5, 24 large vases in various sizes for to fill with flowers for center pieces for $20, and 35 champagne colored table linens for $45. We are also serving only one cocktail of our choice and beer and wine at the reception. In addition to saving, I am growing all my own flowers for my bouquet and my bridesmaids. My grandmother an assortment of pies to serve at the reception, so we don't have to order as much cake. My parents are buying all the food whole sale from a local market and hiring someone to make the food. For my bridesmaids, instead of the boring traditional dresses, I am getting quality cocktail dresses from a local Macey's that from the same designer in whatever style they want, as long as the color numbers are the same. Every girl is getting there dress from $50 to $100 dollars. My sister owns a hair salon, and as part of my gift is offering to do wedding party hair for free. We are having the rehearsal dinner at my parents house and my maid of honors mother will be cooking that meal as part of her gift. I also purchased my shoes from ebay and saved over $100! I am probably missing a ton of money saving ideas that i used to just START planning my wedding. Woohoo, super excited!!! :) 

Last Updated: July 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm
Tags: Budget
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