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Ladies, I wanted to start this topic so we can all share beauty tips and look stunning on our big day!! Remember all eyes will be on the bride and not to mention the most important...we better look HOT on wedding night LOL!

So far, here goes two tips...The first one, I have tried and I've seen the results....The second, I just got this tip today from a co-worker and I can't wait to try it.





WHAT YOU NEED: Mineral Water-Any brand.

WHAT TO DO: Wash your face with your daily face soap or use night cream to remove make up...after you are done get cotton/wash cloth and soak it with mineral water..pat it gently along your face and let it air dry.

TIMES A DAY: Every Night.

RESULTS: Moisturize and tighten...Honestly I have been doing this for about two months after my cousin's dermatology gave her this tip...she shared it with me and the same day I got my mineral water and started doing it...I have noticed my skin smoother & tighter.




WHAT TO DO: Prepare a bath with hot/warm water and pour apple cider..Bathe for about 30 minutes.

RESULTS: It is said to reduce the appereance of cellulite and tighten skin..I am 28 years old and noticed cellulite is starting to show a bit... yikes!! so I will definatively try this :)


Any other suggestions?



Love these tips!! Thank you! My tip to offer is: Apply plain yogurt to your eyebrows and let dry. Wash off with warm water. Results: Helps hair grow in places that are missing hair so they can be perfectly shaped for the big day. They may be a little wild for a month while doing this routine but the results are worth it.

Mine is simple.....water & lots of it! I was a big runner up until I had my twins so drinking a ton of water was always very important to me and I have been very lucky to have had great skin my entire life. If you are not a water drinker get a good size water bottle and encourage yourself to drink it. Moreover if you aren't a fan adding items like cucumbers, berries, lemon, & limes they really add a wonderful flavor and are very good for you =D I love your tips they are so random and I would have never thought such simple items can help you get beautified ;D

@Babers: who would have thought plain yogurt huh?? I am keeping this one and will pass the tip to a friend who overplugged her eyebrows lol!! thanks for sharing this one!!! @MrsAmanda..I am trying to drink more water and cutting  soda...I am a fan of drinking diet coke in a chilled can but everytime I get tempted, specially in the afternoon..I think about the wedding and my health and press the water button instead in that vending machine at work hehe....**sigh**

Ditto water! Although I really need to adopt it fully (I too, am a soda addict!). It's not really beauty, but I'm so glad I did it up to the wedding - CHILL OUT. Not 5 mins in front of the tv, nor a quick 2 mins quiet in the shower. I'm talking 1/2hr to an hour a day where you are relaxed and calm without distraction. I guess yoga would be similar but ive never tried it. The result? People kept on saying how calm I seemed before the wedding, even after a major problem(!!) and I enjoyed our day for what it was - a union of solemates, not the finicky details. this is going to be a hugely stressful time - give yourself a break! And try to go on a spa date with your Mom, FMIL, Sister, BM's, or MOH. This is your time. Chill :)

Great tips, ladies! I struggle with black bags under my eyes and have tried several things but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any advice?

Thanks for sharing!!!

I also use a raw egg to make a facial mask. I leave it on until it hardens, then wash it off with warm water.  It is great for fighting off breakouts and making your skin glow.


@Kszczes....have you tried tea bags?

I did once or twice but felt like I was doing it wrong! What type of tea bags are you supposed to use and what is the "technical" process?

I'm interested in this tea bag trick, too.  I need to get rid of my undereye circles!

@moore807-here is a link I found with tips for getting rid of undereye circles. I definitely I'm going to try some!

I use black tea

Good to know! Thanks :)

Great thread!

I heard that putting beer in your hair helps. Putting it in at the beginning of your shower and then washing out last.

Beer for hair? Interesting! I just might have to try that.

Last Updated: January 2, 2012 at 3:38 pm
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