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DIY Mason Jar Save the Dates!


So instead of buying a save the date design and product or having a boring one that is cookie cutter and cheap, I decided to make my own! I was playing around with some ideas and I saw this Mason Jar stamp at Michael's and knew what I was going to do immediately!!



So what I ended up doing was stamping a blank piece of paper then going ahead and scanning it into my computer. After that was done I opened up paint and decided which stamp I liked best and wanted to use. Make sure to put them straight because I had to rotate the paper so the scan was straight. (couldn't find how to do this on the computer, I'm sure there is a way to fix it on there as well)



I then started to crop the whole image (which will be large in paint) by clicking the little image tab in the right bottom corner and sliding it in (this will take a few seconds)   until I had only the mason jar I selected in the upper left corner of the screen. Then you can select and move it into place so it will look something like this.



Now comes the tricky part. You will need to make text boxes and add everything you want to say on your save the dates. Make sure they are centered and you will have to make a separate box for each different font you may want to use. Play around with ideas and different things, there is always the undo button! Here is what I came up with.



Now the problem I kept encountering is that when I wanted to adjust something I couldn't. This is because once you are done with each text box you cant select it afterwards. So I would suggest skipping my step and editing all the text on the website You can add all of the text and move it all around more than once to really figure out the perfect placement and size. I also edited the color and the boldness of the font to come up with my final product.



Now if you want the jar itself as a image you can go into paint and start selecting things in free form and deleting. I believe there is a quicker way to select a specific image in certain soft wares but yet again I stick to my long process because its what I know and whats available on my computer. After a while, and a lot of patience, you will have this.




Your very own beautiful Save the Date image!! You can use these how you wish because you the artist have created the whole thing by yourself! I made postcards but my other idea was to print them out on card stock and cut them out individually and tie some raffia on the top! So CUTE!


And remember you can take this and be more creative to come up with something even more spectacular and specific to your wedding theme!


Happy Crafting PW Ladies!!



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:44 pm
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