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Turning regular Invite's into Antique invite's!


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I am going to show you how I took regular white invitation's and made them look old and distressed..


Regular White Invitation's-(I bought mine at walmart, 50 for $20.00)

4 Tea bag's- (I used green tea, but  you can use regular tea bag's)

Coffee ground's-(Warm one's if possible)

A paint brush-( I used a make up brush because it was all I had and it came out working wonders)

Hair blow dryer

Paper towels

Hand towel

A large book

To get started put hot water into a large plastic container with the tea bag's and let sit for a few minute's.

While you are waiting for you're "tea" grab another plastic container and put you're warm coffee ground's in it.

I am going to photo 3271526-1Lay you're invite on the hand towel (prepare to make a mess ladie's) & wipe the tea bag all over the invite. Then take the blow dryer to it so you can dry up some of the liquid.

I am going to photo 3271526-2 Saturate the brush in the warm coffee ground's and start to cover the invite with them..

I am going to photo 3271526-3 Make sure you have a good amount on the brush so that you get a good mixture of coffee and ground's.

I am going to photo 3271526-4Once you have the invite covered take the blow dryer to it and dry it a bit so it doesnt start to warp or soak through to the other side..After it is a little dry then take a paper towel and wipe off excess coffee ground's. Place into a large book (make sure it's a heavy book, I used my HHA book from school sence I don't need it anymore. Let dry for about 15 mins inside the book.

I am going to photo 3271526-5After they are completly dry then take another paper towel and wipe off dry coffee ground's.. And vola! You have made yourself some beautiful DIY Wedding Invite's!

BeforeI am going to photo 3271526-6After

Hope you guy's like <3 And be prepared this is going to take a little while to finish I made 35.

Very cool!! I love them! Thank you for sharing!

Your Welcome!! Thank's <3

very impressive.. wonderful tutorial too.. thanks for sharing :)

Thank you pkguyen22! It took me all day to make these lol

it's so worth it when it came out that professional. :)

OH WOW! thats awesome!

Thank you ladies! I love doing all this stuff for our wedding It just really relaxes me I guess arts and crafts is my new found hobby lol

Very good info here and set by set procedure. This is a great article if I may add.

Thanks Lexy5028 Ive gotten so many great ideas from PW I thought I should share mine too <3

Very nice!!

What a cool idea! They look great. Thanks for sharing.

Look at how clever you are that looks great :)

Wow! This is really cool! You should turn this into an article =)

I would if I knew how milkgal :) But Thanks ladies it means a lot !!!!

that looks fabulous- really fabulous wow

:) Thank you Mademoiselle!

I did this when i was in school for a bit of homework, it works amazingly but my only problem was the smell afterwards haha! They look lovely by the way

They actually have no smell they smell like a book cause thats what they were drying in lol

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:43 pm
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