DIY Wedding Challenge: Bridesmaid Newsletter


When planning your wedding day it is important to keep your friends (and family) informed about wedding happenings, news, and dates.   Bridal newsletters are becoming a popular trend to do just that.

I found while browsing online it was nearly impossible to find a classic, elegant, and clear format for a Bridesmaid Newsletter.  Many were too colorful, to cluttered, and difficult to read.  So, I decided to create my own.

I have created a link for you to download the document onto Microsoft Word and use it as a template to insert your own information. 

Download the Newsletter HERE

(Note: Document preview on the website will not appear formatted.  Once document is downloaded to your computer's Microsoft Word 97-2003 or Windows Vista, it will automatically format properly.)


How to insert your own pictures:

  • Select original picture and delete.

  • Copy your picture onto the page (never copy directly into a text box)

  • Crop your picture to the correct size

  • KEY: Go under picture tools and select Text Wrapping.  Then select “Tight.”  This will allow the pictures to be moved freely through the page and over the area you desire.

Suggestions for how to create a great newsletter:

  • Intruduce your newletter than THANK your bridesmaids for all they do.

  • Update them on general wedding information, so they stay in the loop!  (Photographer, Venue, Style of Wedding, Number of guests, etc.)

  • Leave a section for important dates and upcoming events: shower, rehearsal, wedding day, when you leave for your honeymoon...

  • Make sure to include a section about their role in the wedding.  What will they be wearing?, how much will their dresses cost?, where can they get them altered?

  • Make sure they know your theme and wedding vision.  This will help them to help you with ideas and creativity.

  • Consider including DIYs, a groomsman guide with photos,a wedding-style poll, or a list of menu options.

  • Don't just update your friends on the wedding--- update them on what you have been up to since they've seen you!

  • Remember, when all else fails, keep it SIMPLE.  Don't try to include too much information that will overwhelm your bridesmaids.  Consider streamlining your information or create more than one issue if you have to.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:01 pm
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