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Butterfly Cake


I saw this idea the other day and thought it would be great to share it here for those brides who want a butterfly theme wedding.

What is it?

Thirteen 8" X 11" wafer paper sheets printed with 155 assorted butterfly designs in hues of blue and lavender,orange and pink, green and earth. Sizes range from 2" to 3" wide. Decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies or any edible product with these beautiful butterflies.

How to use it?

Apply to buttercream, fondant or royal icing covered cakes/cookies/or cupcakes. Wafer Paper is edible and is a starch based confection, made from potato starch, water and vegetable oil. All ink is food
safe and edible. If you are making cookies, spread a thin layer of light corn syrup to the back of the paper and then apply to the cookie. To ensure a smooth finish, turn the cookie over, wafer paper side down, on a piece of parchment paper for approximately 30 minutes. To completely dry, turn the cookie design side up for 12 hours. You can add a 3 dimensional effect by adding small sugar pearls, dragees, sugar decorations or edible glitter. To adhere, just use a small dot of clear piping gel. To adhere to cupcakes and cakes just use a dot of clear piping gels to hold the butterfly in place.

Where to get it?

 Information and photos courtesy of where you can purchase these beautiful butterflies! Butterflies All Hues in Set $46.00

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:55 pm
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