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Littlebit's DIY lace lanterns with instructions


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Yay! My lace paper doily lanterns are almost finished. They turned out kinda neat, so I figured I would write an article in case any other ladies are interested in making them:) 

I found the concept and original tutorial at, but it was a little lacking in specifics. 

What you'll need:

(2) packages of 10" lace paper doilies {about 20 doilies are needed for each lantern. I found mine in the baking section of Hobby Lobby}

(1) package of 14" lace paper doilies {1 doily needed for each lantern}

a roll of double sided scotch tape

(1) 20" Chinese lantern {I purchased mine here}

(1) light for lantern {I purchased mine here}


Step One:

Peel off one large doily and cut in half.

Then, cut out the center leaving 1-2 inches of middle left.

Step two:

Put some double sided tape along the cut edges of the doily and stick around the top of your lantern.

Repeat for the other side. You may have to trim a bit off the end of the second half for the doilies to meet.

Step three:

Cut the smaller doilies in half and tape along the cut edge.

Step four:

Carefully slide the cut side under the top doily and press firmly when you get it where you want it. Continue this process as you work your way down the lantern, layering your doilies like fish scales.

Step five:

Hang your light in your lantern, and admire all your hard work!

Cost breakdown:

I made five lanterns, which made the package of large doilies and double sided tape more cost effective, but here is the breakdown for just one. It's a more expensive project, but the effect is pretty neat.

Large doilies: $3

Small doilies: $2 x 2 = $4

Tape: $3

Lantern: $2

Light: $4.50

Total:  $16.50

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:03 pm
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