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DIY 2-in-1 Place Card Holder/Favor


I've been so inspired by the other DIY projects on PW that I thought I would try my hand at it. I was looking for a budget-friendly guest favor and came up with this. It's a place card holder that doubles as a photo clip wedding favor! What budget bride doesn't like a good 2 in 1? These could work for your reception, bridal shower, rehearsal get the point :)

Here are the supplies:

-1 inch square, wood blocks (bag of 13 from Michael's @ $3.49ea)

-8yd 20 gauge copper wire (from Micahel's @$2.99ea)

-wood drill (I purchased a small hand drill from Michael's @$3.99)

-wire cutter (purchased from Michael's @$6.99)

-clear glue (I don't recommend super glue as it soaks into the wood)

-paint suitable for wood of your color choice

-skinny writing pen, or something similar

-fat marker, or something similar

-paint brush (sponge brush works fine)

-tape measure



Step 1

Drill a hole in the center of the block. I recommend doing it on one of the 2 rougher ends



Step 2

Paint your block and let it dry. Be sure to paint in one solid stroke so the final product looks polished. Add as many coats as you like!


Step 3

Measure the wire to about 22 inches. That's about 11 inches if you have it doubled. Cut it at this length.



Step 4

With the 2 ends of the wire even, place the fat marker in the loop of the wire. Wrap the wire around the marker to create a clip in the wire.



Step 5

With the marker still in the wire, begin rotating the marker so that the wire begins to twist. Twist the full length of the wire. If you find the ends are uneven when you're finished, cut of any remaining wire. Clamp the ends of the wire so they are close together.



Step 6 (optional)

Spiral the wire around the skinny pen. When finished, slide the pen out of the wire. 


Step 7

Dip the end of the wire in your clear glue, and place it in the hole in the pained wooden block. Allow this time to dry and voila! You're all done. You can put additional decorations on the block. Get creative!



Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:08 am
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