5 Foods You Should Avoid Before the Wedding


After all the work you’ve put into your wedding day, the last thing you want is an upset stomach, bloating, or a gas problem. Nervousness, excitement, and all the other emotions you’ll experience on your big day are enough to deal with – you don’t want to add to the problems by eating the wrong foods. A couple of foods to consider avoiding before the wedding include:


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  1. Sodas and carbonated drinks. Soft drinks have a number of bad effects on brides. Bloating is common, along with belching, so it’s best to avoid them – at least until after you say, “I do”.
  2. Starchy foods. Starches are also foods associated with bloating and gas. Stay away from potatoes, pasta, and rice on the day of and the day before the wedding. Corn and breads can have similar effects – try wraps or pita bread for sandwiches if you need a snack before the wedding.
  3. Caffeine. Water is the best thing to drink before your wedding. Avoid coffee, tea, sodas, energy bars, and other caffeinated products as much as possible. If you’re a daily coffee or soft drink consumer, at least limit the amount you have that morning. Caffeine reduces the amount of water in the body and can lead to dehydration during the ceremony – often a cause of fainting at the altar.
  4. Spiced foods. Spices can do all sorts of strange things as they’re eaten and digested. Spicy food will heat up your body and could cause extra sweating; some spices may irritate your stomach. There’s also a chance of bad breath or a small flake getting stuck between your teeth!
  5. Milk and dairy products. Limit the amount of lactose you eat on the big day. Yogurt, cheese, milk, and other dairy products should be fine in moderation but could irritate your stomach if you’re already anxious.

Think healthy, high protein, and low fat when you’re selecting foods to eat before your wedding day. Choose foods that are filling, but light. Avoid the foods listed above and also stay away from foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar – sugars are good for short-lived energy, but usually leave you feeling tired and sluggish soon after. Plan a good breakfast the day of your wedding and pack a few nourishing snacks – but be sure to avoid foods that could cause bloating or an upset stomach. Also, make sure to keep hydrated by limiting caffeine and drinking plenty of water.


Last Updated: July 30, 2014 at 3:34 pm
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