Alternate Stones for your Ring


Diamonds are not always a girl's best friend and it is not uncommon for brides-to-be to prefer an alternate wedding stone for their ring. However, when considering the many different precious and semi-precious alternate wedding stones calling your name at the local jewelry store, it is important to take into consideration the level of durability that your final choice possesses. Also, keep in mind that smaller sizes tend to crack and fall out too easily.

A few popular alternate wedding stone choices include:


This alternate wedding stone represents the birthstone for September babies, representing serenity and truth – perfect attributes for getting a wedding off on the right foot, don't you think? With a typical blue color, sapphires possess an ancient quality that also comes in pink, green, yellow, lilac, and white. I suggest seeking out an Australian sapphire for a deep blue (almost black) alternate wedding stone.


As the birthstone of July, this alternate wedding stone infuses love, enthusiasm, and strength into a ring. From deep blood red to the lesser-known light pink, gorgeous rubies often come from South East Asia, Burma, Tanzania and Kenya. Can you imagine that during the 19th century, the ruby was thought more valuable than the diamond?


Representing love and fidelity, the emerald would make an exceptional alternate wedding stone – quite valuable in the world of jewelry. To actually get your hands on a flawless emerald is highly uncommon. However, the emerald is a brittle stone and could easily chip or crack if not properly taken cared of. If green is your favorite color, I suggest giving the emerald a try, which is also the birthstone for May.


When looking for a stunning alternate wedding stone combination, consider blending the pale, blue shade of aquamarine with diamonds set in a platinum or white gold band. Plus, you'll find no trouble locating this particular stone, as it is mined in countries, from Russia to Argentina. To choose an aquamarine ring is to also embrace the March birthstone, which stands for happiness and understanding.


Pair the semi-precious garnet with diamonds to capture the fiery birthstone of January that most often offers the flash of red or orange, but also exists in a shade of green. A garnet engagement or wedding ring stands for eternity, truth, and faith.

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