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Arranging Your Transportation: 5 Things You Must Remember


One of the most important things we must determine as brides-to-be is how to arrange the wedding transportation. The person or company you trust to make sure you arrive at the right time and that your family arrives without any problems has a huge responsibility – you have to know that you can count on them! Remember these 5 tips as you arrange your transportation for the big day.


1. Determining How Many Vehicles You Will Need


Do you plan on providing transportation for your guests who are coming in from out of state?  If your receptio n is in a different location than the actual wedding, you will need transportation for yourself and your groom, as well as the wedding party. Depending upon the location of the wedding, you may need transportation for your guests as well. Determine how many vehicles you will need to get everyone where they need to be. Once you know this, you can plan on renting limousines, buses or other means of transportation!


2. When to Book Your Transportation


If you will be hiring help for the transportation, it’s important to know when to book it. Most brides and grooms desire a limousine to make sure they get to the wedding and reception. If your wedding is between April and June, you may be battling high-school prom kids for a limo, so make sure you book early. Usually, around four months before the wedding is a great time to arrange your transportation. If you will be getting married in prom season, book your transportation at around 5 months to be sure you have it covered.


3. Ask for Package Deals


If you will be providing transportation for the wedding party or guests, ask for a discount. Many limousine or car rental companies will provide discount packages for groups. If you can get away with it, don’t mention the word ‘wedding!’ Many companies hear that word and suddenly, their increase significantly. However, by asking for a package discount, you can save some money when arranging your transportation.


4. Get Everything in Writing


When you hire a limousine service, bus or other transportation for your wedding – make sure you get everything in writing. While most companies are completely honest, many others like to take advantage of the hectic time to add hidden fees and charges. Get everything in writing and make sure you know all costs up-front.


5. Make a Wedding Map

Creating a wedding map of all your wedding day locations will keep you and your guests arriving to the ceremony and reception on time and in good spirits! (PW hint: try our wedding map to keep your guests updated!)


As you plan your dream wedding, these 5 tips will help you arrange your transportation and make sure everything goes off…with a perfect hitch!


Last Updated: May 1, 2014 at 1:15 pm
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