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Bridesmaid Gift Bag Ideas


On your wedding day, you will surround yourself with the women you love and cherish; your sisters, best friends, mothers, cousins or other women that mean a lot to you. Most brides-to-be honor these women by asking them to be bridesmaids.


It is a lovely tradition to present your bridesmaids with small gifts or tokens of your appreciation for coming to your wedding and helping you celebrate. If you’re just not sure what to give these special ladies, here are some great bridesmaid gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing.




Personalization is always a hot trend with favors and bridesmaid gifts. Start with the bag itself. Rather than placing the goodies in a bag that your bridesmaids will throw away, you can purchase personalized fabric bags that are sure to be a hit. In fact, larger fabric bags are a bridesmaid gift in themselves.


There are many different options for the gifts that go inside the bag as well. Just a few examples are silver compact cases with your bridesmaids’ initials, personalized spa slippers or custom glass paperweights. The possibilities are endless.


Girly Gifts


Bridesmaids love girly gifts, so if you’re wondering what kinds of goodies you can place in personalized or other bridesmaid gift bags – think pretty, smelly or sparkly. Bath sets including bubble bath, soap, and/or scented lotion is always a winner. All women love jewelry, so cute bracelets, necklaces or rings are also a good idea.


Fashionable photo frames, jewelry boxes or other ‘pretty’ items are popular bridesmaid gift bag ideas. As a bride-to-be, think of the things your bridesmaids enjoy. What small luxuries do they allow themselves, what sort of home decorations do they buy and what kind of jewelry do they wear? You can use this information to come up with bridesmaid gift bag ideas that they will really enjoy.


Bridesmaid Gift Bag Themes


For seasonal weddings, you can create some really cute bridesmaid gift bag ideas. For a spring or summer wedding, try a personalized beach tote with cute flip flops, a personalized beach towel, fruit-fragranced body spray and a nice set of sunglasses. For an autumn or winter wedding, try a quilted bag with fuzzy socks, a personalized mug, hot cocoa mix and a picture frame. Of course, you can substitute other seasonal items to create the exact bags you want.


These are all great bridesmaid gift bag ideas, and with a little creativity and imagination – you will create bridesmaid gifts that your girls will cherish for years to come!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:13 pm
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