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Chair Décor for Your Wedding and Reception


While chair décor for your wedding and reception doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s all the little details that make a wedding beautiful! When you have added your special touch to every glittering, shining, twinkling thing at your wedding – the effect will be breathtaking. When it comes to chair décor, there are actually a great many things you can do. Here are some ideas for chair décor – from traditional to unique.


Traditional Chair Décor for Your Wedding


One of the most common and traditional types of chair décor include linen chair covers which are usually white – paired with organza sashes or ties in the chosen wedding color. This is a beautiful and elegant look for your wedding and reception, and can be made more personal in a number of ways.


Try choosing chair cover material that is printed rather than flat white. Small flowers would be perfect for a garden or summer wedding, and ties can be chosen in a coordinating color. Another idea is to tie items to the bow area in the backs of the chairs. For instance, flowers, small wedding favors or tiny sachets are a great idea.


Unique Chair Décor for Your Wedding


While some brides prefer the traditional look, many want to do something that is unique and fresh. There are many unique chair décor ideas you can use both at your ceremony and the reception. Rather than covering the chairs with a slip cover, choose wooden chairs that are attractive and have wooden slats in the backs.


Use organza and weave through the slats, creating a faux chair back. Using two of your wedding colors is a great idea – and you can tie the organza at one side, leaving a length of it hanging for a dramatic look. Another suggestion is to use lengths of tulle and tie them to each chair at the side, draping it from chair to chair. Do this only on the side closest to the aisle, creating more of a walkway for the bride. Flowers can be tied to the points where the tulle connects to the chair as well.


The above ideas for chair décor are just the beginning of endless possibilities. Choose the traditional and elegant look of chair covers or create something that is completely unique. When you pay close attention to the details of your wedding, the overall impression will turn out breathtaking and beautiful!

Last Updated: December 10, 2008 at 8:04 am
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