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Choosing Bridesmaid Gowns


There you are, surrounded by wedding magazines--bombarded by the numerous bridesmaid gown selections on the market. When you pace yourself down the aisle, a collection of your best friends and relatives will be waiting for you at the other end of the walkway. These are your bridesmaids and you want them to look their very best. So, how will you choose bridesmaid gowns that will add to the overall presentation of your wedding?

Don't Become a Statistic
Choosing bridesmaid gowns is your ultimate decision as the bride, but let's face it – we've all seen the images and heard stories of hideous bridesmaid dresses. With poofy sleeves and oversized bows, these are the dresses that nightmares are made of. At the time of the wedding, you have no clue about the distress your bridesmaid gowns have caused your attendants. Later on, it becomes something to look back and joke about. Don’t become a statistic. Enlist the help of one bridesmaid that can make selecting a color, type of fabric, and comfortable style much easier to accomplish.

Gain Inspiration

photo by Todd Rafalovich

From publications centered on the latest couture fashions to websites focused on bridesmaid gowns, take a moment or two to research various trends before paying a visit to the dressmaker or bridal boutique.

Juggling Bridesmaid Gown Trends
Keeping an eye out for the latest bridesmaid trends could make your decision much easier. However, don’t ever underestimate the popularity of A-line dresses, which look phenomenal on various body types, shapes, and sizes. Sleeveless bridesmaid gowns are quite trendy these days – a common feature of the two-piece floor length styles of today. Other trends to be on the lookout for include two-tone, column style, and halter-top dresses for bridesmaids.

Color is an important aspect of choosing bridesmaid gowns and may range from jet black, platinum, and cream to burgundy, hunter green, and pale yellow. The fabrics of popular bridesmaids’ gowns are also ever changing. Silk chiffon, satin, and velvet are not uncommon.

photo by Todd Rafalovich

Get Measurements for Bridesmaid Gowns
In order to make sure bridesmaid gowns look their very best on your attendants, you need proper measurements. The best and most accurate way to achieve this is to have a professional from the dress shop of your choice calculate the details. Also, keep in mind that dress designers do not use the same size chart. If you should switch retailers in the middle of your wedding planning, make sure to obtain new measurements.

Order Your Bridesmaid Gowns
Timing is everything when it comes to wedding apparel. If you've fallen in love with a bridesmaid gown style, don’t wait until the last minute to order the dresses. Manufacturers are notorious for adding and discontinuing styles on a whim. You need to also leave enough time for alterations – typically around three weeks before your wedding and sometimes sooner.

Last Updated: September 12, 2013 at 3:10 pm
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