Color Palette: White


A 'white wedding' often represents the traditional exchange of vows in the Western world, where classic flower choices and the dress color brings an undeniable level of purity and innocence to a ceremony. Who can go wrong with a white wedding? And when you feel like adding a splash of color – you're in luck – white goes with everything! So, thank Queen Victoria for wearing a white lace dress at her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert because before then, it was customary to wear your best clothes, which were usually dark in color.

White Wedding Colors


It doesn’t matter if you're scheduled to get married in the summertime or amidst the chill of winter – a white wedding accommodates any season. A great deal of flexibility also comes with a white wedding, like when choosing a matching cake, reception décor, flowers, and wedding favors. A few ideas to consider when planning the use of a white color palette, include:

• For a color palette of whites and ivory creams, consider adding pale shades of blue, peach, or pink to add a dazzling effect.

• Choose a bright white wedding color palette to accommodate outdoor nuptials that incorporate white tents and grassy surroundings.

• Select a bright white palette for casual settings, such as a beach.

• Black and white weddings are pretty popular. Try considering white tablecloths and chair covers with sleek black sashes and table runners.

White Wedding Bouquets

When choosing a hand-tied bouquet, nothing says 'romantic' and 'dreamy' more than a collection of white roses – a flower that offers a variety of shapes and sizes. For a dramatic look, choose white tulips, which also blend well with gerber daisies and roses. For a white wedding in April, choose the delicate appearance of the Lily of the Valley that smells oh-so-pleasant.

White Wedding Flowers: Ceremony and Reception

When it comes to decorating a white wedding, anthuriums and fragrant lilies offer large blooms that create inviting pedestal arrangements for ceremonies and receptions. Because of their size, guests are immediately drawn to their presence. As for table centerpieces, surround family and friends with tulips, gladioli, peony, amaryllis, lilac, roses, anemone, and the intriguing shape of the calla lily.

An Ice White Wedding

Want to add pizzazz to a white wedding? Consider an ice white theme that uses shades of ice blue and silver to create a truly mesmerizing scene. When choosing a white dress, select one that showcases pearl accents or silver beading. Choose centerpieces with an icy appeal – I suggest springing for ice sculptures for your reception if you are able. Try enhancing the creativity of this theme by incorporating white feathers, snowflakes, or white faux fur.

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Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:10 pm
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