Color Palette: Purple


Purple is a very rich, beautiful and royal color.  In ancient times, the color purple was a symbol of royalty and noble blood.  These days, the many shades of purple are not just reserved for kings and queens, but perfect for someone looking to make a wedding quite spectacular.  If your wedding color palette includes purple, you have a plethora of options for décor.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Some of the most gorgeous flowers in the world are purple and would make magnificent wedding flowers.  Freesia can be found in varying shades of purple and is a rich, fragrant flower.  The cascading blooms are extremely charming in a bouquet as well!  Purple Gladiolus is equally as beautiful and makes a breathtaking centerpiece. 

You can use Gladiolus just about anywhere you need flowers for the décor.  There are many other flowers which can be found in shades of purple, including Sweet Pea, Iris, Orchid and Aster.  For a romantic wedding with the color palette purple, try a garden-style wedding set amongst fragrant Lavender.  With the color palette purple, you will never lack beautiful and fragrant wedding flowers!

Purple Wedding Décor

Aside from the flowers, you can find wedding décor in just about every shade of purple in existence.  From beautiful eggplant-colored candles to romantic purple chair covers and tablecloths – and even a lavender-colored cake bedecked in flowers, you can have it all! 

Because more modern-style wedding décor is available just about everywhere now, it should be fairly easy to find decorations in shades of purple.  Just a few of the colors purple contrasts well with include shades of cream and ivory, champagne and sage green.  Because it’s such a versatile color, you can easily mix purple with contrasting shades or stick with an all-purple wedding in varying shades.

Extras for Your Purple Wedding

Now that you have the wedding décor handled, you should know that there are many other accents and extras that are beautifully purple!  Purple Lisianthus and Aster make gorgeous boutonnieres for your groom-to-be, and there are literally scads of purple wedding favors available.  Your bridesmaids would cherish lavender soaps or sachets, Lilac-scented purple candles or lavender Jordan almonds. 

With the wedding color palette purple, there is no end to your options!  Enjoy these ideas or use your own creativity to create a royal and beautiful purple wedding.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:44 am
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