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Color Palette: Red


Red color palettes are ideal for weddings in every season. Red can be fun and bold – perfect for outdoor summer weddings, or it can be warm and romantic to brighten winter nuptials. Red is also a terrific color for most holiday wedding events.


Why Choose a Red Color Palette?


Whether you’re creating a rich, luxurious atmosphere or something bright and cheerful, red is versatile enough to do it with style. Red is a passionate color, representing prosperity and good luck in some cultures – it’s not uncommon for red to be the color of eastern bridal gowns! There are several shades of red that complement a wide range of colors. The abundance of red flower choices is also a plus.


Red Flower Ideas


From romantic to exhilarating, the choices for red wedding flowers are amazing! You can’t go wrong with a lush bouquet of classic red roses. Red tulips, surrounded by bright complementary colors are a gorgeous choice for a spring ceremony, while bright poinsettias or lush chrysanthemums are great winter blooms. Consider using single red lilies for centerpieces and be careful to keep your color choice under control – a red color palette can be overwhelming without a balancing complementary shade to create the right mood.



Colors That Complement a Red Palette


Red can be paired with almost any color to create an array of atmospheres. The only hue I would recommend staying away from if you’re planning a red wedding is purple – the two of these attention-getting shades together can be overpowering.

  • Spring celebration. Vivid red, accented with cheerful yellow makes a fun combination for a spring wedding, especially casual outdoor events. Blend in a bright shade of pink or spring green for more formal affairs.

  • Classic romance. Red is often associated with love. Pair it with shades of pink for an enchanting color scheme. Reds, pinks, and whites are a must for a Valentine’s Day wedding but this color palette will work for any time of year.

  • Holiday weddings in red. I just mentioned the ideal Valentine’s Day color combination; red can also be paired with white or green for Christmas or with blue and white for Independence Day.

  • Evening elegance. Silver is a wonderful complement to a red color palette if you’re planning a formal affair. Black also makes an elegant, but bold statement alongside red.

  • Cool autumn. A rusty shade of red makes a nice foundation for a fall wedding color palette. Add soft oranges or deep yellows for a crisp autumn lineup of colors.

Photos by Amity Mason

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:33 pm
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