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Color Palette: Tiffany Blue and Brown


When looking for a color palette that separates itself from the norm, consider the elegant presentation of a Tiffany blue and brown wedding. Why is Tiffany blue such a valued color? Thanks to the infamous jewelry store featured in the classic film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," the robin egg blue or light pale blue boxes that carried their treasured bracelets and necklaces has become synonymous with style and grace. The overall effect of the two colors together is dreamily undeniable.

Why Choose a Tiffany Blue and Brown Wedding Color Palette?

Calming Effect Paired with Sophistication
Tiffany blue is especially calming – something that every jittery bride needs, don't you think? When combined with chocolate brown, the color duo creates a relaxing, classy affair. 

You Love Chocolate
Do you love chocolate that much that you can see yourself sauntering down the aisle in a tiffany blue and brown gown? Choosing this type of wedding color palette means that your reception will reflect a rather modern twist. The wedding favors and other details can easily center on your love of chocolate confections. Think cascading pools of chocolate for a sweet fondue celebration.

Bridesmaid Dresses
Perhaps you fell in love with tiffany blue and brown bridesmaid dresses and can envision your entire wedding seeped in deep chocolate and light blue accents.

Seasonal Wedding Appeal
Since the color brown is found in nature on a year-round basis, tiffany blue and brown wedding schemes make a delicious combination for fall or winter nuptials. When looking for stylish Christmas wedding colors that stray from red and green, consider the seasonal appeal of tiffany blue and brown.

Tiffany Blue and Brown Wedding Flower Ideas

For some, a tiffany blue and brown wedding can become a bit restrictive for brides trying to select just the right flower choices for her bouquet and other finishing touches. However, hydrangeas prove quite versatile, especially since they come in attractive shades of blue. Want to include brown flowers? The selection isn’t that extensive, but I suggest checking out chocolate cosmos – a native Mexican bloom that shows a deep shade of maroon. Don’t forget to blend your flowers with other earthy, natural elements, such as elegant branches and fiddlehead ferns.

When using flowers throughout your tiffany blue and brown wedding, consider adding a blue boutonniere to the groom, who would look simply dashing in a chocolate brown suit jacket. To elevate the level of coordination with your flowers, incorporate your tiffany blue and brown colors by using ribbons and streamers within the bridal bouquet.

The Pros and Cons of a Tiffany Blue and Brown Wedding

Pros: A tiffany blue and brown wedding scheme allows couples to indulge in a bit of creativity when planning their ceremony and reception. Just imagine deep chocolate ribbons cascading over tiffany blue boxes decorating your reception tables. Inside, robin's egg blue Jordan almonds greet guests. What about a wedding cake with chocolate frosting and tiffany blue icing accents? Silver beads of sugar create a rather glamorous presentation.

Cons: On the other hand, overdo a tiffany blue and brown wedding and you could wind up dampening the spirits of guests. While this color combination does create a sense of elegance, it does have the potential to overshadow the entire wedding, literally swallowing all of the intricate details you've spent so much time and energy preparing. With this in mind, make sure to create a ceremony and reception with a tiffany blue and brown wedding scheme that is not overpowering.


Photos by Punam Bean

Last Updated: February 3, 2014 at 10:05 pm
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