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Create a Personalized Map for Your Wedding


If your wedding will include guests from out of town, or you’ll be having your wedding away from your own hometown – you may want to create a personalized map for your wedding. There are several choices when it comes to personalized maps. Here are a few different options for creating a map your guests will really appreciate.


DIY Personalized Wedding Map


If you’re a crafty bride-to-be, you may want to create your own personalized map. Depending upon the route and distance from your wedding to your reception, it can be a difficult or easy job. Start by choosing your paper, ink color and accessories. You will probably want to start in pencil so you can fix mistakes easily. Print out a map of the locations and recreate this on your paper.


If you can find an attractive map of the area, it may be easier to print several small versions and affix the actual printed map to decorative paper. You can use sequins, stickers or buttons to mark the locations for a unique twist. If you will need more than a few maps, you may want to consider ordering a personalized map.


Order Personalized Maps 


When you’re ordering invitations and thank you cards, you can also pick up personalized maps. There are many map designers who will work with you to create a map you love – from font choices and paper color to adding local hotel accommodations and more. Some designers also give you the option of matching your map font to that of your wedding invitations.


If you don’t have the time or patience to create a homemade map for your wedding, consider ordering from a professional. Prices vary depending upon which designer you choose and how much detail goes into the map, so make sure you shop around a bit before deciding on one company.


Driving Directions


Whether you’ll be creating your own personalized wedding map or ordering one from a designer, you can also opt for driving directions. Rather than having a picture map, simply request or create the driving directions from a determined point. It’s often easier to create homemade ‘maps’ this way. Typically, when ordering maps, you can have both the picture map and driving directions or you can choose only one.


Creating or ordering personalized wedding maps for your wedding is a great idea. It’s convenient for everyone involved and can be a great memento for guests when the ceremony is over!


Last Updated: November 17, 2013 at 4:47 am
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