Create a Wedding Emergency Kit



Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but even with months of planning and the best intentions something may go wrong. (In fact, something probably will go wrong.)

If you’re prepared for it, a small incident can be averted from being a huge disaster. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids and family members and pack a day of emergency kit to solve any pesky problems that could arise. 

A wedding day kit may sound corny but even if you don’t use any item in it, you’ll feel comfortable knowing it’s there if you need it—and if you do need it, the kit could just become your best accessory.

Be a Good Girl Scout

One of the most important tips to remember is not to leave making the kit to the last minute. The few weeks before your wedding you’ll be busy putting together the big event, the emergency kit is something that can be done almost as soon as you start planning your wedding. None of the items expire or need to be refrigerated so it’s the perfect task to get done early and cross off the list.

Before you start gathering supplies, think about what type of wedding your having: is it indoors or outdoors, large or small, formal or casual? This could determine what items you’ll have in your kit and how much of each item.

Think of the Dress

For most brides, the most expensive (and beautiful) aspect of your big day is probably your wedding dress. Be sure to include a needle and thread to match your dress, a lint brush, baby powder, a safety pin and fabric wipes or a piece of chalk in your emergency kit. These items are inexpensive to purchase and the perfect solution to a stain or rip in the dress.

Think of your Health

On the day of, the stress of it all may begin to take it’s toll. Recent bride Michelle Feduska says the stress of planning the wedding and the importance of the big day could make for an upset stomach or a headache. “Pack an antacid and aspirin in the bag just in case.”

Think of your Hair

Although most brides enlist the help of a hair stylist to create the perfect wedding day hair, unless you’ve paid the person to stay on for your reception you’ll need to make sure you have a brush, comb, bobby pins and hairspray for any touch-ups you’ll need throughout the night.

Think of your Make-Up

To keep your make-up perfectly intact, pack a straw to sip any pre-wedding beverages from and keep lipstick in place; tissues and eye drops to get rid of the aftermath any joyful tears; and a nail file for any pesky manicure issues.

Think of the Extras

Other easy to pack items include earring backs, band-aids (think blisters), breath mints and an extra pair of pantyhose. One of the most overlooked but essential pieces is a list of vendor phone numbers in the unusual case that the florist or officiant doesn’t show up.

Don’t let packing your emergency kit stress you out over the problems that could arise on your wedding, revel in the fact that you’ll be prepared for anything and nothing can ruin your day!


Last Updated: January 11, 2015 at 9:44 am
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