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Crown Jewels: Your Royal Inspiration


The Crown Jewels serve as the essence of royalty with sparkling orbs, jeweled swords, glamorous rings, regal scepters, and shining crowns. While you might not be able to place a crown of diamonds and rubies upon your head for your walk down the aisle, you can sure gain royal inspiration from the Crown Jewels with the following ideas that allow you to incorporate a majestic flair to your wedding:

Flowers: Attach a jeweled ribbon or brooch to your wedding bouquet – a welcomed detail that is sure to catch the eyes of guests as you saunter down the aisle.

Hair: For the perfect entrance, why don't you channel your inner princess with a dazzling tiara that catches just the right amount of sunlight or lighting at your wedding ceremony? A slick bun pulled tightly and crowned with rhinestones, faux gems, pearls, or authentic jewels looks absolutely stunning. Depending on your budget, you can bring home a tiara for as little as $15 to as much as thousands of dollars for priceless details. Don’t think a tiara is your style? A gorgeous jeweled hairclip or barrette will certainly make do.

Jewelry: Gain inspiration from the bold rubies and emeralds of the Crown Jewels, which make colorful additions to the neckline, wrist, and ears. Imagine earrings offering a blood-red hint of color to a white wedding ensemble. Consider a string of breathtaking pearls paired with the allure of emerald or sapphire accents.

Shoes: Dorothy isn’t the only gal to create a magical moment with ruby slippers. Consider choosing footwear that offers the glitz and glam of sparkly baubles. Order custom-made bejeweled wedding shoes that allow you to exercise your creativity.

Ceremony: Using the Crown Jewels to inspire your wedding ceremony means outfitting your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and young attendants with accessories fitting of lords and ladies of the court. Use velvet caps tied at the neck with a single ruby in the middle. Outfit the flower girl with a tiara. Place faux crowns upon the heads of your groomsmen. Chose whimsical bridesmaids dresses decorated with jeweled accents. The possibilities are limitless. Go for the gusto and attach faux jewels throughout your flower arrangements. Bride and groom may walk down the aisle holding 'wedding' scepters in their hand.

Reception: Using the Crown Jewels to fuel your creativity for the reception could mean arranging centerpieces comprised of regal crowns, decorating tables with jeweled candles, setting tables with jeweled goblets, and sending guests home with faux jewel-encrusted favors.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:10 am
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