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Cute Out of Town Gift Basket Ideas


One of the cutest thoughts for wedding favors is gift basket ideas. No matter what sort of personalities you’re shopping for, you can include items they will love. When out of town guests come to your wedding, you want to make sure they have a great time and receive something special. To give them a gift basket is a great way to thank them for traveling to attend your wedding. Here are some cute out of town gift basket ideas.


Hometown Related Gifts 


For guests who have never visited your hometown or who are coming from another country, hometown related gift baskets make a really adorable keepsake. Try to find items that are special to your city or town – for instance, if you live in New York, you can include statue of liberty items or other New York related souvenirs. If you live in New Orleans, why not include some Mardi Gras beads or a package of New Orleans style coffee with chicory? Out of town gift baskets with souvenirs that will remind your guests of 'you' are a great idea!


Seasonal Out of Town Gift Basket Ideas


If your wedding theme will be seasonal, or you’d just like to celebrate by giving a seasonal gift basket, there are many great ideas. For instance, a cold winter gift basket could contain mugs, gourmet hot chocolate, a pretty bag of marshmallows and fancy spoons! You can even add a candle or two to make it warmer and more inviting.


Summer style out of town gift baskets might include a fluffy beach towel, drinking glasses and straws, a tropical drink mix and pair of beach-style flip-flops. Your imagination can really go wild with this idea and you can create some adorable out of town gift baskets.


Pampering Out of Town Gift Basket Ideas


Another great type of gift basket idea is a ‘pamper yourself’ theme. For women, place scented bath and body products in the basket along with candles, a small massager or bath sponge and a CD containing relaxing music. For men, add great-smelling after-shave or cologne, the newest sports magazines, a package of gourmet cookies or candy and a pair of soft slippers. You can create many variations with this idea and your guests are sure to love and appreciate this gift basket.


Extras for your Out of Town Gift Baskets


Since your guests probably don’t know their way around your hometown, include a personalized wedding map. You can also make the basket much handier with lists of close restaurants, hotels or other places of interest.


Out of town gift basket ideas have no limits. You can create stunning gifts for your out of town guests that they will cherish!  



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:46 pm
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