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Cute Seating Card Ideas


For many brides, it’s all about the wedding details. When you take time to make each little thing special, the wedding as a whole is absolutely gorgeous. The same goes for seating cards. If you don’t want to do the typical ‘white card’ seating cards, there are some really cute seating card ideas you can use for your wedding. Check out the ideas below for a unique twist on seating cards.


Consider Your Theme


It’s very important to consider your theme to come up with cute seating card ideas that will coordinate with the rest of the décor. For instance, if you’re doing a beach theme, why not find unique seashells that will hold the paper containing the names? Or, you could use tiny frames that coordinate with your beach themed wedding.


For an autumn-themed wedding, use tiny pumpkins and make a slit in the top of the stems. You can use sturdy paper to print names in a cute, flowing script. Then, insert the slips of paper into the slit in the pumpkin stem. There are many cute seating card ideas that you can come up with if you consider your wedding theme first.


Away from the Table Seating Cards


Many brides-to-be create an area where guests pick up their seating cards and then use them to find the appropriate table and seat. This is a great alternative to having the cards at the tables – and there are many cute seating card ideas that work well with this method. For instance, place tree branches in a large container filled with flower foam. Have leaves cut from a thin sheet of wood and paint them gold or silver after drilling a small hole in the top of the ‘leaf.’


You can use markers to write each name and table/seat number on your golden leaves – or purchase clear stickers with black letters and use those to create the names and numbers. Tie ribbon through the hole and hang each leaf on the tree branches. This makes a very unique and beautiful seating card arrangement which can work with many different wedding themes.


There are so many cute seating card ideas you could use. Consider your theme first and go from there to create the perfect seating cards for your special day.

Last Updated: January 15, 2009 at 10:20 am
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